An advanced neural network in PHP

An advanced neural network in PHP

The Tremani Neural Network allows you to build, train and employ neural networks in PHP. It is easy to use and set up, and does not rely on external software to be installed on your webserver. Above all, the software is open source, which means you can use and modify it freely.

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About neural networks

A neural network can be used to find complex relationships between data. Usually, you start with a large set of data that has some unknown relationship between input and output. A neural network can be used to find that unknown relationship. Once that relationship is found, the neural network can be used to compute the output for similar (but usually different) input. So, essentially, neural networks can learn complex relationships between input and output.

For example, neural networks can learn the XOR-function, it can be used to estimate the difficulty of a text or be trained in pattern recognition.


This software employs the latest technology in neural networks. The network that is created is a feed forward, multi-layer perceptron network with support for momentum learning and an advanced mechanism to prevent overfitting. Also, it allows you to easily adapt it to your needs by overriding key methods such as the activation function. print page